International diplomacy: how does it work?

International diplomacy: how does it work?

International diplomacy of international relations was established as a practice or a field of study to enhance cross-cultural relationship and diversity. The relationship among countries of different values and cultures has an important role to maintain international security and peace, and helps design international politics with universal law.

Apart from that, international diplomacy can contribute to sustainable socio-economic and political development to effectively address the needs of member states. Read more and discover how international relations work.

International diplomacy promotes pacification

One of the functions of international diplomacy is to promote universal peace. It encourages the country representatives to manage and resolve conflicts through peace talks and negotiations. Peace mediators work to prevent the aggravation of tensions between countries into wars or conflicts. The objective is to prevent unimportant matters from causing violence and inciting fights.

A case in point was the pacification between the UK and France on the eve of World War II in spite of the hostile aspirations of Hitler.

International diplomacy supports the legitimacy of military forces

A gunboat is a small ship but it is endowed with a serious artillery armament. Thanks to the Gunboat diplomacy, international diplomacy restores the legitimacy of the military forces within a country. In other words, it functions to recognize the validity of the army. Apart from that, it aims to demonstrate the strength of military powers as well as to attain the goals of foreign policy.

International diplomacy stimulates economic development

Dollar diplomacy concerns the use of dollars by diplomats to promote economic development. The strategy consists of putting economically challenged countries under the political dependence of more advanced countries which can provide assistance to address economic concerns. The dollar diplomacy makes it challenging for the dependent countries to gain independence without implementing rough means.

Another strategy to enhance economic growth is through the Economic diplomacy. The idea is to promote economic exchange among nations when economic struggles arise. The other goal is to boost international cooperation and relations.

International diplomacy enhances cultural diversity

International diplomacy can help a nation influence the society of another. It consists of making different countries participate in international conferences which enable cross-cultural talks, with cultural exhibitions and organized tours.

The tours aim at promoting further understanding of the culture by really engaging in communication with its inhabitants. Members exchange their values through education and cultural exchange. Such a strategy is known as public diplomacy.

International diplomacy encourages information sharing

Through its Digital diplomacy, international relations use information technology to solve diplomatic concerns. Information sharing through the digital media, social networks, and any platform uphold ways to share strategies to address conflicts. International diplomacy helps manage countries to conflicts by adopting universal strategies. By indorsing interests in foreign policy, the international diplomacy promotes information sharing through the Internet.

In brief, international diplomacy adopts several strategies to re-establish and ensure long-lasting peace in the world. As the ambassador of peace Prem Rawat said, people in the world are hungry for peace. That is certainly the reason why he created The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) in 2001 to promote public relations and peace.