How to instill the values of peace in children?

How to instill the values of peace in children?

Peace is a good value to cultivate in us since our early age. Civic education is included in the primary school curriculum in order to teach people to respect each other and live in harmony. The problem is that when civic education is no longer included in the upper school curriculum, people tend to go astray from the right moral conducts.

Prem Rawat (visit his website, whose mission as a peace ambassador is to promote global harmony through messages, affirmed that harmony in the world can be achieved when each individual is at peace with themselves. But what should be done to instill the values of peace in children?

Give children a good model of peace

Reading a life story of peace activists and characters can induce the values of peace in children from their early age. Stories impact more than lectures and lessons about peace for children. In addition, it is a good idea to make them produce a cartoon story based on the life events of a peace activist to make them understand things better.

On the other hand, it is also helpful to show them a model of a peaceful family in a movie or a cartoon about peace to them.

Expose them to a peaceful environment

The environment and community where children grow up shape most of their characters and beliefs. If they grow up in a community of drunkards and aggressive people, they may find it normal to adopt such a behavior and act the same way to their peers and become violent.

In contrast, if children are exposed to a peaceful lifestyle in their community and surroundings, they will quickly learn the pacific conducts from the community members and act wisely.

Teach them to give thanks

Individuals who give thanks are aware of the importance of giving and sharing, which are essential components of peace promotion. This will instill in them the good values of sharing and generosity. Generous individuals can set up foundations and peace organizations later in their life. For example, the ambassador of peace started to nurture the value of peace in him by the age of 4.

He founded the TPRF Foundation to work for humanity. Children can be accustomed to giving freely to the needy if they have been taught to give thanks at their young age. Thus, it is crucial to nurture the importance of acknowledgement to instill the values of peace in children.

Teach children to respect the others

Respect is the key to building peace in the community and in the society. Unless people can respect each other, they will usually end up in violent conflicts even over small matters. Respect for the others can involve many things, like controlling one's emotions and using positive, respectful language and comments when addressing the others.

Nurture the value of forgiveness in children

Learning to forgive their neighbors and friends is essential to build the values of peace in children. Individuals who cannot forgive have a bad heart, as they have grudges and tend to be aggressive. Later, they may become corrupt and never act for love. Such negative emotions give rise to conflicts and deteriorate relationships.

Forgiveness clears the heart from the darkness of negativity. Therefore, it is vital to teach children to forgive no matter how serious the problem was. Peace will reign in the heart of those with a pure heart.